Terms & Conditions

1. General

The DoSaJu GbR (hereinafter “landlord”) provides holiday homes and apartments. All services are included in a rental agreement and are agreed between the guest and the landlord.

2. Contract

The respective contract comes into effect after oral or written request of the contracting party and by the acceptance of the landlord. The landlord is free to accept the application in writing, orally, in writing (e-mail, fax) or conclusively, by providing services.

3. Rights and duties

The landlord is obliged to provide the agreed services. The guest is obliged to pay the landlord the agreed rental price. Until the day of arrival, a third party may enter into the rights and obligations under the travel contract instead of the guest. In this case, the guest and the third party are jointly liable for the travel price and the additional costs incurred by the third party. The landlord reserves the right to refuse this third party for an important reason.

4. Claim for damages

The landlord is obliged to pay damages to the guest if the accommodation is not provided, in case they cannot provide an equivalent replacement. If the accommodation is deficient in terms of the agreed services, the price for the duration of the defect is reduced. The liability of the landlord is limited to twice the price of the contract. Small defects in the furnishing or the failure of an equipment do not entitle the guest to a reduction. Defects are to be reported immediately.

5. Cancellation

The guest can withdraw from the contract at any time before the day of arrival. The landlord thereby loses the right to the rental price, but in this case, the following lump-sum cancellation fee, will be due immediately:

  • until the 35th day before departure: 30% of the travel price
  • until the 21st day before departure: 60% of the travel price
  • up to the 14th day before departure: 90% of the travel price
  • otherwise 100% of the travel price.

If the rental service is not availed, the landlord is obliged to rent the property as soon as possible in order to avoid breakdowns and to keep the damage as low as possible. We recommend you get travel cancellation insurance. Declarations of resignation must be made in writing in each case and are to be addressed directly to the landlord.

6. Payment conditions

Upon receipt of the written booking confirmation, a deposit of up to 30% of the rental price, at a minimum EUR 50, is due. The final payment is made according to the rental agreement. The payment can be made through the different payment methods provided on the website to the landlord.

7. Deposit

A deposit of at least EUR 250 is required when booking. This is to be paid in advance or with the remaining rent according to the lease. The deposit serves to secure the interests of the landlord of the holiday property in case of damage to the rental property or unsatisfactory final cleaning. The settlement of the deposit takes place no later than 3 weeks after departure from the holiday property. Any damages and costs incurred due to unsatisfactory final cleaning plus a processing fee will be deducted from the deposit before repayment. If the value of the deductions exceeds the deposit amount, the balance will be charged to the guest.

8. Arrival

The Villas are usually cleaned shortly before your arrival day and are available from 4pm onwards. The key code transfer takes place via SMS or email. Departure time is 11am on the last day of booking, unless late check-out has been booked (latest departure 1pm).

9. Incidental Costs/ Additional services

9.1 The additional costs for gas, water and electricity are included in the rental price, unless otherwise stated in the house or on the rental agreement.

9.2 If a final cleaning has been booked, the rental property is to be left swept clean on departure.

9.3 If towels and bed linen have not been booked separately, guest are expected to bring their own.

10. General Obligations / House Regulation / Liability of the Tenant

The rental property may only be occupied up to the specified maximum number of persons. The setting up of tents, caravans or mobile homes on the rental property is not permitted. All guests are required to comply with the applicable house rules, which are available in each house.

Items that have been damaged or lost during the stay must be replaced by the tenant.

The tenant is obliged to immediately report all defects and damages incurred in the time in which he inhabits the rental property. The tenant is responsible for the proof that a damage has not occurred during his rental period and that he or the accompanying persons are not at fault. There is no liability for the landlord to the tenant and the tenant’s property. The tenant thus bears the responsibility for his own insurance cover during the stay. Complaints regarding the state of cleaning are to be communicated to the landlord immediately upon arrival and before moving in. For arrivals outside office hours (10 am- 6pm), the tenant waives the right to complaints regarding the state of the property. Complaints during and after departure will not be considered. The tenant is obliged to treat the property carefully and to leave it in a tidy and clean state upon departure. If a dog / dogs or pet / pets are brought, the tenant is obliged to remove the dog hair or pet hair and the pets’ excrements before departure, even if a final cleaning is ordered or this is included in the rent. The registering tenant is personally liable for all fellow travelers. Pets, especially dogs, are only allowed if it is explicitly stated in the property rules. Dogs and / or pets must not be left unattended in the property alone. Furthermore, dogs and / or pets are not allowed in the bedroom beds or on upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, ottomans, etc.). Even in the houses, in which pets are not allowed, it cannot be guaranteed that animals have never been in the house. For insects in the house or its surroundings, the landlord cannot be held responsible. The landlord has no responsibility for construction noise or dust from neighboring properties.

Court of jurisdiction

Exclusive jurisdiction is Berlin

11. Severability clause

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the lease, does not invalidate the entire lease.